Parent Information Handbook




The Parent Information Handbook covers all the information you and your child will need.

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If you have any further questions in relation to school times, dates, policies, or other general enquiries please feel free to contact Holy Family Primary, Luddenham by phone on 4773 7100 during weekdays between 8:30am and 4:00pm.

Faith & School History

As a school, we gather regularly to celebrate our faith. Our celebrations relate to our Religious Education curriculum, to the Church’s calendar year, world issues or events. Parents are always welcome to join in school celebrations. Each class participates daily, in prayer and RE Curriculum-based activities.

Sacramental Program

The programs, in preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation, take place in the broader context of the Parish. Parents are invited to enrol their child in the program to prepare for First Reconciliation, in Year 3. During the following calendar year, children can enrol in the Eucharist/Confirmation Preparation Program.

Religious Celebrations

  • Beginning School Mass
  • Ash Wednesday Liturgy
  • Holy Week liturgies focusing on Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday
  • Easter Liturgy
  • Mission Week Mass
  • Sacred Heart Of Jesus Mass
  • Remembrance Day prayer service
  • Grandparents Day Mass and celebrations
  • Advent prayers
  • Christmas Liturgy


On July 4 1987, the Bishop and parish community decided to build a parish centre containing a permanent church, a hall, parish offices and a two-stream primary school. The school and Parish Centre were named Holy Family.

In February 1990, Holy Family Primary commenced with a school population of 43 Kindergarten, Year One and Year Two students. Within four years, the school grew to a complete primary school from K-6. In 2009 our school proudly celebrated 20 years of Catholic education within the Sacred Heart Parish.

The school is located in Luddenham and draws on students from Warragamba, Silverdale, Wallacia, Mulgoa, Luddenham, Badgerys Creek, Rossmore, and Bringelly.

Culturally, our school population comprises of families from Anglo-saxon, Maltese, Italian, Arabic, Croatian, and Dutch backgrounds. Many children live with or near extended family who have a significant role in the lives and education of the children.


Holy Family Primary strives to provide quality education in the Catholic tradition. Our vision reflects partnership, community and the development of a learning environment which supports all, in realising their potential.

Our school, in partnership with the parish and community, will be a faith-filled centre of learning, renowned for educational excellence and innovation.

The school’s Religious Education program is based on the Parramatta diocesan syllabus, 'Sharing Our Story'.

Units of work have been programmed to support the parish-based Sacramental program. The scope and sequence of units have been adapted to cater for the parish-based Sacramental program and student needs. The units of work are organised around seven content areas: God, Jesus, Church, Prayer, Sacraments, Scripture, and Christian Life.

Curriculum Matters

During the year, teachers plan to take classes on excursions. These excursions will be planned to fit in with a particular unit of school work in progress, and thus form an important part of the child's education. Therefore, it is necessary that all children attend the excursions. Teachers endeavour to keep the cost of these excursions to a minimum. Another type of excursion is the performance of cultural artists who visit the school, these too are educationally enriching.


Regular homework can be a valuable aspect of the learning process. It can extend, consolidate and enrich the school's program and contributes to the development of sound study habits. It is a very real way of involving parents in the learning process and can strengthen the bonds between parents and children. Current Australian research shows that the children who perform best at school are those whose parents become involved with, and interested in, the child's schoolwork at home.


Our school Diversity Support Team provides great assistance in various areas of learning at Holy Family.

The team is involved in the planning and assistance of the following:

  • individual student programs
  • literacy and numeracy groups
  • liaison with parents and outside professionals, such as Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists etc
  • social/life skills programs
  • Kindergarten transition program
  • Year 7 transition program
  • fine and gross motor programs
  • in-class teacher support and resources
  • Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) Specialist Program - Years 1 and 5
  • Reading Recovery - Year 1
  • Reading comprehension program (R3) - Year 6


As education continues to change, all staff engage in regular professional development. This takes the form of staff meetings, inservice days, release time, university courses, and Staff Development Days.

Each year, the Catholic Education Office allocates 6 days per school for Staff Development Days, where the staff works together on professional development initiatives. These days are pupil free days. The dates are advertised in the school calendar.

Teachers are released from class each week, to undertake class administrative responsibilities and to prepare work for the children. During this time special programs, which cover aspects of the curriculum, are taught. Additionally, when a teacher is on a professional development day or in-service course, a teacher is engaged to continue routines and the teaching program.

The school curriculum is developed from the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus, and directives from the Catholic Education Office, Parramatta. Class programs cover the necessary outcomes in the areas of:

  • Religious Education
  • English 
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Human Society and Environment
  • Creative Arts
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education


Home School Partnership

Holy Family Primary School is a cashless school. All payments must be made via EFTPOS in the school office or by credit card over the phone.

No cash is accepted. 

Thank you. 

Parents are key to the life of Holy Family Primary and there are many ways in which parents can be involved, including:

  • the Parent Representative Group
  • supporting school fundraising and initiatives
  • supporting classroom learning
  • coaching teams and assisting on excursions
  • involvement in the local parish community (liturgical, pastoral and social activities)

Demonstrate to your children that volunteering is a good thing.
Become a parent volunteer by contacting the school office today!


The Parent Representative Group assists in building friendships, strengthening community support and contributing to the school’s development. Some of the events/activities that parents have been involved in organising are:

  • School raffles: Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls and breakfasts/lunches
  • Children’s activities: discos, crazy hair days, sausage sizzles

Every single one of us can help in a small or large capacity. Get involved in our Parent Representative Group and make a difference to Holy Family Primary!
Contact the Principal through the office

School Newsletter

Our School Newsletter is BRANCHES...

Building Relationships And Networks Combining Home Education School

BRANCHES is placed on Compass every second Thursday of each Term. The daily happenings of our school are included in our newsletter, so that parents can share, as fully as possible, in all that concerns their children. BRANCHES provides relevant dates, curriculum news, and details of class activities and school celebrations.


Seesaw is an app for smartphones and tablets. Seesaw gives families an immediate and personalised window into their child’s school day, helping to answer: "What did you do at school today?" Each student has a Seesaw account. Samples of student learning, notes, term overviews, and reminders are included.



Compass is our information system used to record all aspects of a student's profile, including access to reports and attendance. This is the main system used to provide information such as notes, newsletters and any important messages for our parent community.

It is an expectation that the correct school uniform is worn at all times. Parents are asked to support the school in this regard. The uniform is available through Lowes at Westfield Penrith.

Uniform Guide

Summer Uniform Worn 1st and 4th terms
  • Check dress with navy tab tie
  • Plain, short white socks (not rolled down)
  • Black shoes (those which can be polished, no joggers or skate shoes)
  • Hair ribbons may be red or navy blue
  • Navy school hat 
  • Blue shirt (short sleeved)
  • Navy shorts (cargo shorts are not permitted)
  • Short navy socks
  • Black shoes (those which can be polished – no joggers or skate shoes)
  • Navy school hat

A hat must be worn on the playground at all times throughout the year.

Winter Uniform Worn 2nd and 3rd Terms
  • Check pinafore
  • White blouse (Peter Pan Collar)
  • Tab tie - matching material of pinafore
  • Plain, short white socks or navy blue tights (not rolled down)
  • Black shoes (those which can be polished – no joggers or skate shoes)
  • Blue shirt (long sleeved)
  • School tie (available through School Office)
  • Navy long trousers (cargo pants are not permitted)
  • Short navy socks
  • Black shoes (those which can be polished – no joggers or skate shoes)

A hat must be worn on the playground at all times throughout the year.

Sport Uniform Worn on sports days.
  • Sport shirt 
  • Navy school sports shorts in summer, navy track pants in winter
  • Plain, short white socks (not rolled down)
  • Joggers/sandshoes
  • Navy school hat



Students are permitted to wear plain, simple jewellery i.e small gold or silver stud earrings or sleepers. For safety reasons, it is preferred that studs are worn. Only one stud per earlobe is permitted. No other piercing is allowed. Chains or necklaces can be worn with a religious symbol (e.g. crucifix). Small signet rings are allowed, however costume jewellery, bracelets and bangles are not permitted.

Hair Cuts

Hair cuts are to be appropriate for school (NO mullets, rat's tails zig-zags or razoring). Children with hair longer than collar length, are to have it tied back with a ribbon or scrunchie in school colours. Hair is not to be coloured for either boys or girls.

  1. If you have any educational/behaviour concerns about your child, please make an appointment to see your child’s teacher.

  2. Areas of concern outside your child’s learning or classroom behaviour can be discussed with the Principal by making an appointment e.g. unresolved issues re classroom, financial concerns, clarification of issues, discussion of educational policies, whole school program.

  3. If your concerns relate to bus behaviour, playground issues and the school’s Student Management Policy, please make an appointment to see the Assistant Principal.
It is essential that as members of one family, we continually strive to develop open channels of communication.This can be achieved by bringing any concerns and issues related to the school, to the attention of the relevant staff member. Only when we are aware of a concern can we begin to address it in partnership. Please ring the office to make appointments with relevant staff.

From time to time, parents may have an issue with something that occurs in the classroom or within the school community. In the case that a satisfactory outcome is unable to be achieved, a formal process is available for complaints handling. Our school has aligned its approach to complaints handling using the model proposed in the Diocesan Complaints Handling procedure. Please click here to access this document.

At times, student’s photos are submitted to the media with articles about school events. If you do not want your child’s photo published, please indicate this to the Principal in writing.

School Procedure / Routines

Monday to Friday
9:00am - 3:15pm
Supervision begins
Morning Tea
11:00am - 11:30am
Lunch Hour
1:30pm – 2:10pm
3:00pm - 3:15pm

The school day begins with certain routines and activities e.g. prayer, roll call etc. so it is essential that children arrive at school by 8:55am. The school grounds are open to pupils from 8:35am each morning and remain open to pupils until 3:35pm each afternoon. At all times, outside these periods on Mondays to Fridays, the school grounds and buildings are out of bounds.

Children are not supervised prior to 8:35am each morning and after 3:35pm. Parents are requested not to bring children prior to 8:35am or pick them up after 3:35pm. If any parent or guardian has difficulty in ensuring that their child does not attend school until 8:35am and/or ensuring that their child leaves school by 3:35pm, please contact the Principal to discuss what arrangements can be made.


Holy Family Primary School does not have a canteen on site.


If parents wish to collect children from school before 3.15pm the school must be notified. No child would ever be allowed to leave school early on his/her own. If your child is late for school they must be accompanied to the office by their parent, to collect a late slip. Your child then moves to their class by themselves.


We have a very spacious car park which meets all the needs of the school and parish. As it is a shared facility, we try to keep the needs of Church functions always in mind. During weekdays this could mean, a funeral, special Mass or Parish gathering. Therefore it is advisable to keep the Church side of the car park free, and no parking is permitted in the turning circle, the bus bays or the bays marked 'Parish Staff'. Please remember that the disabled parking spaces are for vehicles that indicate so.

Everyone is urged to take extra care in the car park. Please drive slowly at all times and ensure your children are supervised while in the car park. There is a path on the northern side for the children to move safely through the car park.  Please ensure they use this when walking across the car park.

  1. Please follow the speed limit of 10 KPH.
  2. Please follow the arrows as indicated on the map, when entering and exiting. Do not cut across the parking bays. 
  3. Please do not park on the grassed areas or bus bay turning circle.

Kiss & Drop Area

The Kiss & Drop area is located in the drive through at the front of the courtyard. It has been established to assist with traffic flow in the car park and for parents who wish to drop off children.

The important guidelines for using the Kiss & Drop zone are:

  • Kiss & Drop operates between 8:30am and 8:55am
  • The Kiss & Drop zone is not operational if the 'No Entry' sign is in the driveway. Under no circumstances are parents to remove the sign – it means the area is unsupervised and not to be used
  • Cars will follow in single file through the drop zone
  • Drivers should move as far as possible into the zone, before stopping to allow children to get out
  • Children need to exit the car on the left-hand side so they are not walking behind or between cars using the zone
  • No overtaking of vehicles in the Kiss & Drop zone
  • Drivers need to stay in their car at all times – no parking is permitted in the Kiss & Drop

When leaving the Kiss & Drop zone be aware of other drivers and pedestrians using the car park.

Afternoon Pick Up

Kiss & Pick Up is operational from 3:00pm - 3:30pm. To alleviate congestion and to ensure the safety of all in our community we ask that parents:

  • Do not arrive before 3:00pm as pick up does not commence until this time.
  • If the traffic is backed up to the entry gate of the school, please pull over to the side of the road and wait for the traffic to move.
  • If you need to check your child's seat belt/car seat please move from the pick up area to a cark parking spot to do this.

  1. Children will be dismissed from the shade area.

  2. Children catching the bus will be taken to the school hall. 

  3. If there is a change to who is picking up your child, you must notify the school via the office. If the teachers are unaware of the person who is collecting your child, the child will not be dismissed until your permission is sought.

  4. Children attending After School Care will be seated in the Infant’s shade area and will be collected from there.

  5. Children, whose parents are not present at time of dismissal, will be seated in the Infant’s shade area (on the silver seats) to await collection. They are supervised by the teacher on duty. At 3:35pm, they will be forwarded to the school office foyer to await their parents.


  • Children must not go to toilets or bubblers without the duty teacher's permission.
  • Children may not move to the car park or colonnade without parent supervision.  For their own safety, we do not allow the children to go to the car park unaccompanied.


Please send your child to school on time each day. Regular attendance at school is essential for progress.

It is necessary to notify the Principal in writing, if a child has to miss school for any length of time e.g holidays, transfers.

When your child is absent for any reason, on his/her return to school, a note is required explaining the reason so that the class rolls can be marked accurately. These notes must be received within seven days of the absence, as required for legal purposes.

The school will not be responsible for supervising or caring for students outside the school premises, unless the students are engaged in a school sponsored activity (e.g. excursion or sporting event). The school will not be responsible for supervising or caring for students on their journey to and from school. In particular, the school will not be responsible for supervising students at bus stops, either on their way to school or on their way home from school. Each student's journey to and from school shall be the responsibility of each student's parent or guardian.

It is practice that we do, at times, use Sales Park for supervised activities. Parents must inform the Principal, in writing, if their child is not allowed to go to Sales Park.


Student Management and Welfare

If your child has a serious accident we inform you by way of your home, work or emergency contact number. If time does not permit, the Principal assumes responsibility and seeks medical or hospital treatment immediately. If your home, work, emergency contact phone numbers or address changes, please advise the school office immediately.

Members of staff are continually updating their first aid skills, with some members holding current First Aid Certificates and CPR Certificates.


It is important that parents seek medical advice if an infectious disease is suspected. Many of these diseases require that the patient (and sometimes contacts at home) be excluded from school for varying lengths of time. In all cases, a medical certificate is required before the child can be allowed to return to school.

A parent or their adult representative MUST come to the office to complete Medication Forms. These forms inform the office staff of the type of medication to be given, the dosage and time. The forms MUST be signed by the parent or their adult representative, thus giving the school permission to administer the medication.

Medication will not be accepted from a child.

The school’s Student Management Policy details our practices, reflecting our motto –  

Respect – One Heart and One Mind

Our three key expectations are:
  • Respect for self
  • Respect for others
  • Respect for the environment

Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, Assistant Principal or Principal, if you have any issues to clarify regarding Student Management.